Delicious Cocktails With 3 Ingredients

Delicious Cocktails With 3 Ingredients

Let's say you are at home, it's Friday 'Netflix and chill' night, and you've got a notion to have a cocktail or two. You look into your drinks cabinet and maybe it's a little sparse, or maybe you just don't want the fuss and just wish to fix yourself a quick drink.

Perhaps you are having a small socially-distanced get-together, and outdoor BBQ for your family or a couple of friends and you want to surprise everyone with delicious cocktails, but you actually want to have the craic with your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen making drinks.

Either way we've got some simple easy 3 ingredient cocktails recipes that will deliver the flavour punch and will surprise you and your guests with fresh and unusual flavour combinations.


Simple Cocktails With Just 3 Ingredients


Add 30/40ml of Orange & Basil Dacha cocktail mixer to a chilled champagne glass (add some ice if you want for a refreshing drink) and top with champagne or your favourite prosecco.

Kir Royale

This is a variation of the traditional French Kir Royal and is very similar to Mimosa in how it's made. 

Just add 30/40ml of Raspberry & Thyme Dacha syrup to a champagne glass and top with chilled champagne or prosecco.

Orange & Basil Old Fashioned 

Mix all the ingredients to taste - your favourite whiskey or bourbon, dash of Dacha orange & basil syrup, ice. Add everything to an old fashioned glass and stir.

Orange Blossom

25ml gin, 25ml of Dacha orange & basil syrup, 25ml sweet vermouth. Just mix everything in a glass with ice and enjoy. Delicious treat after a lovely meal :)

Boozy Slushy (or frozen daiquiri)

I mean who wouldn't like a fruity boozy smoothie?! I'm not counting ice in this recipe as an ingredient, as we should all have some ice cubes in the freezer anyway. 

50/60ml white rum, 20ml lime juice, 40/50ml of any syrup, 100g ice. Add everything into a blender and blend until slushy. Substitute rum for tequila & add 20ml cointreau for frozen margarita!

Rhubarb Gin & Tonic

Take your regular gin and tonic to a new level by adding the perfectly sweet and slightly bitter Dasha rhubarb cocktail mixer. Mix 50ml of your favourite gin (we recommend a 'floral' gin for this, rather than 'spiced') with your favourite tonic (elderflower goes amazingly well with this drink), add 40ml of our rhubarb syrup and mix with ice. 


You can make the classic martini with either vodka or gin. You will need a secondary spirit such as dry vermouth or you can use a liqueur like cointreau. Add 60ml of premium vodka or gin to the shaker with ice, add 20ml of dry vermouth or cointreau and 40ml of any of Dacha's cocktail mixers. Shake vigorously for a minute or so and strain into a martini glass or a coupe. 



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