3 Easy Gin Cocktail Recipes

3 Easy Gin Cocktail Recipes

Over the last few years gin has become a much loved staple in many home bars. 

In Ireland we are lucky to have many fantastic producers of delicious small batch gins. Among my personal favourites are Mor Gin, Listoke, Drumshanbo, Sling Shot and Glendalough to name a few.

What mixes good with gin?

The traditional gin & tonic is usually the go to drink to make with gin. However this botanical spirit is also an amazing base for delicious and easy to make cocktails.

Our Dacha mixers are also created with natural botanicals like fresh herbs and go so well with gin, whether you just want to elevate your classic G&T or are after a bar-standard flavour punch in your cocktails.

The fruity and herby flavours balance very well together in these 3 easy cocktails you can make at home. Whether you are having a date night, want to impress your party guests, organising a hen-do or anniversary party - try these easy gin drinks with our natural cocktail mixers.

3 easy gin cocktail recipes

Orange & Basil Gin Sour

50ml gin, 35ml Dacha Orange and Basil cocktail mixer, 25/30ml lime or lemon juice, 1 egg white. Add an egg white to the shaker with 1 ice cube, shake hard for a few seconds. Add more ice and the rest of the ingredients. Shake till the shaker gets really cold and strain into a glass. 


Rhubarb Gin Martini

This delicious gin based cocktail is perfect for spring when Irish rhubarb starts coming into season, the days are getting longer and we are craving the fresh spring flavours! We use a grower just outside Dublin for our natural Rhubarb mixer. The flavour is fresh and zingy, with that signature rhubarb sweetness and mellow tartness shining through.

50ml of your favourite gin, 35ml Dacha Rhubarb cocktail mixer, 15ml Cointreau, 15ml lime or lemon juice. Add all the ingredients to the shaker with ice, shake till it's very cold and strain into the glass.

Rhubarb Gin Martini Cocktail


Raspberry and Thyme Clover Club 

50ml gin, 20ml lime or lemon juice, 20ml dry vermouth, 30/35ml Dacha Raspberry & Thyme mixer.

Add an egg white to the shaker with a cube of ice and shake hard. Then just top the shaker with a handful of ice, add all other ingredients, shake again and strain into the glass. You can leave the egg white out if you want.

Raspberry Clover Club Cocktail

Ultimately all Dacha mixers go very well with gin and you can also use your imagination to create new cocktail combinations! The 3 cocktails above just work and with our syrups you can whip them up to enjoy delicious bar standard cocktails at home :)

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