3 Delicious Margarita Cocktail Recipes

3 Delicious Margarita Cocktail Recipes

Raise your hand if you love a good margarita!

Dacha Drinks started with us making margaritas during the first Covid lockdown with the natural syrup we made with rhubarb growing in our garden. It was absolutely delicious and added a unique twist on the classic. The sweetness and natural tartness of Rhubarb syrup worked very well with lime juice, tequila and orange liqueur, adding another layer to the sour and salty flavour.

Then we added the Orange & Basil mixer which is very versatile and makes stunning shaken, frozen or spicy margaritas. Both mixers create a delicious spin on this classic cocktail by adding more complex and unusual flavours!


Is Triple Sec the same as Cointreau? 

If you search the internet for margarita cocktail recipe, you will see that some mention Triple Sec and others Cointreau. Both are a type of orange liqueur. Cointreau is a more superior one with more complex flavour, and is more easily available in shops. It goes with so many other cocktails that it's a staple in our home bar and our choice when it comes to making any type of margarita cocktail.

3 ways you can enjoy your margarita cocktail

You don't need any complicated ingredients and you probably already have tequila and Cointreau in your home bar. There are 3 ways you can make a margarita - shaken, frozen and on the rocks (stirred with ice). Frozen margarita is perfect for sipping it on the patio on a warm summer evening. Margarita on the rocks (stirred with ice) is perfect if you are having family and friends over for dinner or BBQ, as you can easily make it in a pitcher, as well as in individual portions. Shaken margarita is for when you want to enjoy the strong drink in all its glory. Below you will find a recipe for each version of the cocktail using our Dacha mixers.

3 Easy Margarita Recipes

Rhubarb Margarita

If you think you are not a big fan of tequila, this Rhubarb Margarita cocktail may just convert you!

A refreshing twist on a classic margarita by adding natural Irish Rhubarb mixer by Dacha Drinks, which brings a touch of sweetness and zing to the drink.

The unique and nostalgic flavour of Irish rhubarb really takes a classic cocktail to the next level.

All you need are these 4 ingredients, just add everything to the shaker (or a jar with a lid if you don’t have one) and shake hard for about 10/15 seconds with a handful of ice.

Rub a wedge of lime on the glass rim and dip into salt. Strain the cocktail into the glass and enjoy.

Rhubarb Margarita Recipe


Frozen Orange & Basil Margarita

This twist on a classic margarita just screams sunshine and long summer evenings. 

The basil really comes through, but is not overpowering and adds a beautiful aroma to the drink.

You’ll need:

Add everything to the blender and blitz until ‘slushy’. 

Rub a wedge of lime on the glass rim and dip into salt. Strain the cocktail into the glass and enjoy.

Best served in a chilled glass (just put the glass in the freezer for a couple of minutes prior to serving).

Frozen Margarita Cocktail Recipe


Spicy Margarita

If you like a bit of a kick to your cocktails and a drink that delivers on flavour, this take on a classic margarita is for you. 

The spice comes from chillies and the amount you add really depends on how spicy you want your cocktail to be.

Cut two chilly ‘coins’, muddle them in a shaker and then fill the shaker with ice.

Then add the following to the shaker:

  • 50ml tequila
  • 25ml lime juice, 
  • 20ml cointreau, 
  • 40ml Dacha orange & basil syrup

Rub a wedge of lime on the glass rim and dip into salt. Strain the cocktail into the glass and enjoy.

Spicy Chilli Margarita Recipe


Margarita Pitcher Recipe

If you are hosting a party, have family and friends over for a BBQ or organising a Hen Do - margarita can be your 'go to' choice of cocktail for the night as it's very easy to mix in a pitcher. 

First prepare the glasses by rubbing a wedge of lime on the rim and dipping them into salt (just sprinkle salt on a plate).

Add ice cubes to the pitcher and then just multiply the individual quantities of ingredients from the recipes above by the number of people you are making the cocktails for.

Add tequila, lime juice, cointreau and one of Dacha mixers to the pitcher, stir well to combine and serve! It's that easy. You will be pleasantly surprised by your own cocktail making skills and will impress your guests with unique delicious flavours!

Ultimately you can make a margarita with any of our Dacha mixers and you will get a different tasting cocktail every time! The 3 cocktails above just work and with our syrups you can whip them up to enjoy delicious bar standard cocktails at home :) You can buy Dacha natural cocktail mixers in our online store with free delivery across Ireland. Whether it's to take your at home cocktail night to the next level, or a gift to a cocktail lover in your life, we hope you enjoy!


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