A Splash Of Cocktail Magic

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Premium natural cocktail syrups that instantly transform a tipple at home into an indulgent and delicious experience

I wish I had these on tap in my kitchen! It’s the best addition to the drinks cabinet, so simple to throw a dash into a drink.


I was blown away by the flavour and freshness of the product, it tastes like it was made this morning! So good with or without alcohol!


Turn Ordinary Moments Into Special Occasions

Whether you’re tired of typical cocktails, or want a special flavour that’ll make you feel like you’ve gone out to a bar, Dacha mixers help you transform drinks at home into an indulgent, delicious experience.

Easy To Mix Cocktails

Ready to enjoy bar-worthy cocktails at home? It will only take you a couple of minutes to whip-up a delicious drink with Dacha mixers. You will be pleasantly surprised by your own cocktail making skills!

Made In Ireland

You can be sure you are enjoying a fresh product lovingly crafted in small batches of 30L at any one time. We use Irish suppliers, source Irish ingredients when available and support Irish growers.

Unique Flavours

We mix fruit, berries and fresh aromatic herbs to create unique and vibrant flavour combinations which taste amazing in cocktails and mocktails

Cocktails made easy

Take away the hassle of shopping for a ton of ingredients for your cocktails at home or for a party. Dacha mixers will save you time and you will impress your guests with stunning flavours and bar-worthy cocktails!

100% Natural

Made only with natural whole ingredients with no artificial additives. Using natural ingredients helps us create a mixer bursting with fresh flavour of fruit, berries and herbs

For cocktails & Non-alcoholic drinks

Enjoy our versatile syrups in variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. One bottle goes a long way and you can make a wide variety of drinks with just one flavour

Meet The Maker

I grew up in a small town in Russia, and my fondest memories are of the summer months when my family would decamp to our little cottage in the countryside.
We call these rural homes ‘dachas’ and along with growing fresh produce, most families use theirs to celebrate birthdays or special occasions.

2020 has encouraged us all to slow down, reminding us that the simplest pleasures are the most important: the uncomplicated joy of spending time with family and friends, enjoying local, home-grown products together and raising a glass to a happy future.

Dacha Drinks is about celebrating that connection.

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With Dacha mixers I don’t have to buy as many ingredients to make drinks with lots of delicious flavour. Lovely syrups that add vibrant colour and amazing taste - make run of the mill drinks extraordinary.


These handmade mixers take the hassle out of making professional standard cocktails at home.